Tactic EU project

TACTIC (Tools, methods And training for CommuniTIes and Society to better prepare for a Crisis) is a two year project that started in May 2014 and will end in June 2016. The overall aim of the TACTIC project is to increase preparedness to large-scale and cross-border disasters amongst communities and societies in Europe. To achieve this, TACTIC will consider studies on risk perception and preparedness (including good practices and preparedness programmes) in order to develop a participatory community preparedness audit enabling communities to assess, impacts in a multi-hazard context, their motivations and capacities to prepare for large-scale and/or cross-border disasters. This forms the basis for developing context-sensitive education and training strategies and practices that are embedded in an overarching long-term learning framework (including evaluation procedures) for increasing the overall prepares of communities and societies across Europe. Rather than taking a top-down approach to preparedness, TACTIC will pursue a collaborative project strategy by including different user and stakeholder groups in the development, testing and validation of tools and materials throughout the process of the project by conducting four case studies focusing on terrorism, floods, pandemics and earthquakes.

Seven partners from five European countries work together on TACTIC:

  • Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH
  • Trilateral Research Trilateral Research & Consulting LLP
  • Northumbria University
  • European Dynamics SA
  • Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Saxon State Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology

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