Right now, I am staying at KalypsoDAY, taking place at TU Hamburg-Harburg. Kalypso is an open-source environment for environmental modelling. E.g., the Saxon Flood Centre uses Kalypso as a flood forecasting framework. KalypsoDAY is a user/developer meeting where a broad range of Kalypso applications, e.g., hydrodynamic modelling, rainfall-runoff simulation, flood mapping, etc., are to be presented and discussed.

One of the most exiting features of Kalypso is the strong degree of abstraction concering data, parameters, model cores, as well as postprocessing procedures. For instance, BCE presented a multi-model application with three 1D/2D model cores. This way, a straightforward, comparative assessment of model results is available at hand.

Hopefully, the community will grow and bring Kalypso to a state-of the art modeling environment.

KalypsoDAY at TU Hamburg-Harburg.
KalypsoDAY at TU Hamburg-Harburg. Keynote by Professor Peter Fröhle.

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